Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – 1: “Adrienne (Adriana) Adinah”

ch11-1It was a tropical winter. Baby Adrienne, born February 13 1968, was the joy of the family. Louise was 44 years old, and Michael was 55.

Chapter 11 – 2: “Don Miguel”

ch11-2Everyone knew El Imperio, the most magnificent store in Viejo San Juan. And they knew Don Miguel, the important proprietor.

Chapter 11 – 3: “Student Group Charged With Break-In Try”

ch11-3At the university, Louise found herself among twelve students unjustly and illegally suspended for participating in a protest march. The regulations used against the UPR twelve were found to be unconstitutional in a Puerto Rican court several years prior. The San Juan Star depicted the episode in menacing terms.

Chapter 11 – 4: Jacob Gade’s Jalousie

“Can you mop floors?” asked the department chair at the University of Puerto Rico when Louise offered herself as a teaching assistant, having finally received her Bachelor’s degree and moved on to graduate studies. At home, Louise sat at the piano and played Jalousie, then poured herself a cognac and lit a cigarette.

Chapter 11 – 5: “The Marriage Tape”

“Anarchy seemed loosed upon their private world. It was unclear if the center would hold or be enough. They loved each other but there was innocence no more. Too much had happened in the intervening years.

MW=Michael Waterston, LW=Louise Waterston”