Afterword – 1: The Heavenly SinnerAfterword

I found this postcard advertising the 1935 novel, The Heavenly Sinner by T. Everett Harré, in my mother’s copy of Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson.

Afterword – 2: The Girl in the Lingerie

On gender and sexuality, I modeled my mother and received explicit lessons from my father. Here I am at age 10 or 11, practicing in my mother’s lingerie, heels, and junk jewelry, the bra of the nightgown stuffed with balls of toilet paper (circa 1961-62).

Afterword – 3: Louise

Louise Maude Stone (Steinberg), circa 1945

Afterword – 4: Business Card

My father, who wanted so desperately to study as a young man, who fought my mother over her decision to go to university, worked hard to provide his children that opportunity. He gave me a gift upon my completion of the doctorate, the first (and only) in the family. It was a box of five hundred business cards printed on fine onion skin paper with the title “Anthropologist” under my name.

Afterword – 5: Louise gravestone

Louise Maude Waterston is buried in Section 30, single grave 054 of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 80 Commerce Street, Hawthorne, Westchester County, New York.