Chapter 09

Chapter 9 – 11: “Kaddish”

Visiting the cemetery gave Miguel a last chance to recite Kaddish, the Jewish prayer of mourning, at the foot of his father’s gravesite, A3 #15.

Chapter 9 – 12: “The Streets of Havana in the Year 2000”

Michael was talking about the time he stayed at Jacobo and Eva’s apartment when their firstborn, Esther, was born more or less the same time Manolo had his first, a boy named Wilfredo. He talked about the jealousies—this one got a boy, that one got a beauty. David was filming when he suddenly gasped and pointed.

Chapter 9 – 13: “Waserstein & Co. El Figurin”

ch9-13Above the decaying door were the painted words, now faded and chipped: Waserstein & Co. El Figurin—my uncle Jacobo’s old storefront in Havana still there after forty years.

Chapter 9 – 14: “Muralla esquina Villegas”

ch9-14It was stunning, literally. In this world unfamiliar to us, there were no stores. There was no Encanta, no Tropico or Figurin, no Imperio. There were also no Starbucks, of course, or The Gap. The only display on the old shop window was a small poster, announcing upcoming festivities. In just a few days, Cubans would be celebrating the 47th anniversary of the 26th of July Movement.

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