My Father’s Wars is an anthropologist’s vivid account of her father’s journey across continents, countries, cultures, generations, and wars. It is a daughter’s moving portrait of a charming, funny, wounded and difficult man. And it is a scholar’s reflection on the dramatic forces of history, the experience of exile and immigration, the legacies of culture, and the enduring power of memory. This book is for Anthropology and Sociology courses in qualitative methods, ethnography, violence, migration, and ethnicity.
1. The Shtetl Jedwabne / Sunrise, Sunset
2. Aftermaths / Delicate Memories
3. The Voyage Out / Routes
4. The Shopkeepers / Return
5. Young Man in Havana / The Power of Privilege
6. An American Soldier / The Lost Ones
7. In Love and War / Postwar
8. American Dreams Dreaming in Cuban / Habitus
9. Dictators / The Ends of Empires
10. Cigarettes, Babies, and Change / Possession and Dispossession
11. Things Fall Apart / The Sacred and the Secular
12. te amamos siempre, paisano / The Story of My Story